We repair more than just printers and copiers here at Atlas Office Solutions. While we can disassemble workstations and address wiring issues, in all honesty, most workstation problems are related to configuration or viruses. Occasionally, a workstation may slow down, but our tech team boasts over 30 years of experience in fixing, building, and configuring desktop computers for both home and large business environments. Whether you need a backup solution, antivirus protection, or simply a way to monitor workplace productivity, we can provide the assistance you require.

Setting up a business wired or wireless LAN can take several hours or even longer if you don’t understand what you’re doing. Allow the Atlas team to quickly resolve your network issues, enabling you to get back to business and start making money again. If you have concerns about security, we are ready to assist you with affordable solutions that are easy for you to manage even after we have left your office. Be smart and don’t leave your business exposed to hackers.

If you need assistance with a couple of servers, whether physical or virtual, simply contact us, and we’ll start the important discussion.