Managed IT

Our experienced and skilled IT team provides you with a vast variety of services and support, including unlimited support, backup strategies, and website hosting.

When you partner with Atlas Office Solutions, you’ll receive capable and professional I.T. management with a wealth of experience and a wide range of capabilities. We are in the business of helping businesses become more efficient, enabling them to generate more revenue. At the end of the day, we succeed when your business flourishes.

Real, Unlimited IT Support

We undoubtedly offer superior and unlimited support for you and your employees, whether onsite or remote. You can rely on our technicians to address all your queries. Our team is dedicated to providing you with timely, thorough, and effective support. Our goal is to keep you up and running while minimizing disruption, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Managed IT Services

Detailed Backup Strategy

We back up all your critical infrastructure, disaster recovery planning, and conduct annual testing, so you won’t have to worry anymore about your data. It will be kept and preserved by our team with onsite and offsite backup. We also provide you with cloud backup to deliver an automated disk-to-disk-to-cloud backup approach that will protect your entire organization.

World Class Website Hosting

From domain registration and domain name system hosting to search engine optimized (SEO) website hosting, we’ve got your website registration and hosting needs covered. Our ultra-fast servers ensure your website operates at optimal speed.

Our team will secure and configure your domain correctly to maximize SEO and email deliverability.