Thermal Transfer Ribbons Regina

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Elevate your label printing with Thermal Transfer Ribbons in Regina. Explore Wax ribbons for barcodes, text, and graphics on paper labels. Compatible with ZEBRA, Printronix, and Sato Riboon printers.

BlackR3460CA02374-C104DEC LA36R-KA; Fujitsu 3700DRibbonDataProducts
BlackR601052102001/52104001okidata ML182, 192, 320, 321, 380, 390, 391RibbonDataProducts
BlackP193042377801okidata 420/421/490/491RibbonDataProducts
Black5210200152102001ML 182, 192, 193, 320, 321, okimate 120RibbonOKI Data